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Tattoo Concierge is further expanding its service through a revolutionary network, empowering body/artists globally. Our system will facilitate secured transactions whilst ensuring absolute freedom of choice & location. Not only are we confident in continuing to provide the same exceptional quality of personalized service, one offered and refined since 2009, we further believe our bespoke application is an industry ‘game changer’ enabling the unparalleled success of artists worldwide. Scheduled to re-launch in late 2017 at which time TC will continue as the facilitator and guarantor between artists + clients. Our liaison role permitting seamlessly managed logistics and previously unprecedented peace of mind across commissions

Tattoo Concierge would like to thank everyone for their continued support during the fine tuning of our service, the industry’s flagship role model. Please share your contact details to be notified once we begin accepting new artist submissions as well as commercial collaborations | get in touch

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