WHO | the worlds’ first body/art concierge WHAT | facilitate and guarantee art collaborations WHEN | refined for nearly a decade our exclusive network is re-launching in the coming months WHERE | currently, in 54 countries HOW | through your personally tailored global concierge platform WHY | to radically redefine the industry together, secure your world of choice and ensure you thrive with freedom in self expression




Your concierge platform allows for unlimited choice, location free advanced or immediate reservation, absolute finance protection, service guarantees alongside a host of unprecedented benefits to both artist and members. All may securely collaborate as they so choose. Upon mutual agreement members proceed in total confidence with uniquely defined as well as protected collaborations


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the term given to all confirmed collaborations. Within practical boundaries there are no limitations to types, styles or descriptions of procedures able to be reserved. Possibilities are determined by artists’ alongside members’ capability. Whether discussing full body suits or ten minute sessions, members effortlessly engage in a proprietary communication and reservation platform. From concept to aftercare, once confirmed, your body/art is perfectly secured



built on the core tenants of freedom of choice and the guaranteeing of agreements made, you define interactions. We vigorously enforce authenticity as well as venue conditions. We manage all logistics. You securely communicate as preferred. Please note that we will not tolerate racist, hateful and or bigoted sentiments. The classification of which made at the sole discretion of the quality control department



artists are encouraged to share any media and post any composition that accurately depicts their work. Members discover artists through selections. Descriptions, details, presentation and placement can further be expertly managed by the Concierge



members have the ability to specify their preferred timing as well as location. You are able to review who is available, during specific dates, in any location. Concierge service members set schedules as they prefer, including hours allocated. Mutual confirmation officially reserves your collaboration



commissions must be accurately reflected in all descriptions, communications, postings and adhere to local laws. Provided these conditions are met, artists are free to promote any work offered. There exist ‘open calls’ which artists’ and members may review. Collaboration terms require mutually confirmation. The dual rating system is in place to ensure accurate, measured ongoing feedback



concierge service terms are guaranteed. These include scheduling, rates, completion with payment assurance, compensation in the event of cancellation as well as a range of previously unprecedented protections. Transfers to chosen accounts in currencies specified are also ensured. Concierge service guarantees further extend to remuneration during dispute resolution in the unlikely event that any such review is requested



multiple profile types can be simply segmented according to artist and member categorizations. Each allowing for variations in tailored services as well as resources. Features differ yet all profiles share some primary functions including unlimited potential for encrypted communications, global reach, location-free guaranteed reservations, account management as well as absolute payment security. Following mutual confirmation all concierge service guarantees are set according to member-defined conditions covering communications, ideal scheduling and of course the details set within any collaboration



we securely facilitate all collaborations and implement three distinct layers of encryption. Mobile access requires pass-code and or biometric identification. Member details are never disseminated, kept layered within the strongest of secured air-gapped storages. Direct communications are further encrypted with TC only gaining access following member initited requests. All accounts are further assured both internally as well as through third-party financial specialists who are specifically employed to monitor every transaction



concierge service members define the type, frequency and notification content. Communication can be by email or on platform. Via the platform, conversations are transcribed in the secured discussions section



members may request a full review during any stage of their collaboration. Response times range from six to 48 hours depending on the nature and timing of the request




Almost no restrictions are placed as to when, where or how they choose to practice. Artists’ specify their terms. Preferences are guaranteed. Artists’ are able to stay in their studio, accepting short notice members or book two months in Japan | Russia | Chile | anywhere | two years later. The Concierge allows for collaborations to be securely scheduled with ideal clients, anywhere in the world, full payment guaranteed in a preferred currency with the entire processes held to every term personally specified. All this happens before stepping out the door



you have complete freedom to explore the network. You are able to follow your favorite artist, being kept abreast of their latest works, as well as compile your own selected galleries. A range of research, collection and review possibilities are offered throughout, all divided into pertinent categories according to your preferences. Artist are officially selected upon your mutual confirmation of any collaboration



artists are responsible for communication content including response times. Such timings are however recorded for easy review. All communications are kept confidential and encrypted. Discussions are only made available to TC in the event of member-initiated resolution requests. Members also have the option of directly sharing art references in a range of formats. Concierge service members history’s are privately archived allowing for immediate review



reservations are made through mutually confirmed collaborations. The proprietary system clarifies all pertinent details. Terms of every collaboration are guaranteed. Almost no restrictions regarding the type or location of collaborations exist, apart from one’s ability to either complete and or proceed



specified collaboration terms and conditions are guaranteed. Established to provide members with absolute peace of mind throughout such protected terms include scheduling adherence, completion to confirmed standards, payment protection, timing records, instant processing as well as resolution requests. A dual rating system further manages collaboration reviews and feedback