We hold essentially all forms of body/art as constituting perhaps the most personal performance of self-expression. Allowing one to literally shape their world, to visually manifest the subjective, to utilize as well as celebrate the body’s inherent capabilities. Recent history often relegated these practices to the fringes of culture. With this the standards set alongside services offered have defined expectations. Tattoo Concierge has been refined for nearly a decade with a guiding philosophy of elevating these perceptions. Practically speaking we expertly facilitate your chosen forms of expression. What ever and where ever these may be. In principle we are here to radically free your understanding to thrive from your capacity of artistry in its purest form | our platform

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INTRODUCING THE IDEAL | set your schedules, automatically filter communications, travel when or where you wish. Every portion is seamlessly arranged. Ensure you thrive from your passion. There are no limitations around timing or location. Venues are defined directly, all choice throughout remains yours | LOCATION FREE


GUARANTEEING YOUR BODY/ART | a totally secure individually tailored platform to uncover, determine, define and achieve your ideal collaboration. Discovering your freedom in self-expression. Artwork, its completion and review all require dual certification. Collaborations including financing and member defined terms are guaranteed | PROTECTED


A WORLD OF CHOICE | presenting body artwork from across the globe. An abundance of practices and procedures that traditionally have not been readily accessible are now yours for selection. We are your personal facilitators and guarantors. Discover, specify and confirm artwork without constraint. Independent curation | AUTONOMY



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