A platform created by and for those defining the industry. Tattoo Concierge replies to all inquires within forty eight hours, strictly adheres to the highest standards of professional conduct as well as ensures personalized services. In short, we are here to do no less than radically shift accepted body/art practices across the globe. Some practicalities for discovery and selection of collaborations are segmented into the following categories

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ARTISTIC FREEDOM | you are collaborating with an artist. They require freedom for your creation. This comes from their professional experience, knowledge, design sense, expression of emotion, skills and a vision of the applied art. Your artist must be allowed to design your composition according to their best judgment. It is their name with your work as well
REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS | the professional design process may differ from how you imagine. There are sizing, positioning, muscle groups, color tones and various considerations frequently not envisioned by most. All such points should be thoroughly thought through by your artist again according to their expertise
UNIQUE STYLES | artists typically have their own style. They must accept the parameters of your collaboration. Selection in collaboration will rest on preferred aesthetics as well as the collaboration terms both are comfortable with
YOUR INFLUENCE | artists should ideally only work with your concepts and references as a guiding direction. Other than this friends, relatives or spouses should not influence the details of your collaboration. Your body/art must be designed with and created for you alone
3RD PARTIES | in order to protect your body/art any third party opinions should not be considered. This collaboration is between you and your artist
CHARGES | are calculated per-hour for most. There may be an artwork creation fee depending on your selection. Pricing and preparation times, typically set anywhere from one to 37 months in advance, will vary according to your selected artist
DEPOSITS | if accepted a deposit is required to secure your collaboration. These are refunded following completion yet non-transferable
Liaisons are here to walk you through every stage of the creation process. They will answer any questions you might have, arrange all the necessary logistics and ensure all details around your art have been fully reviewed
No matter how big or small your artwork the body remains one unified canvas. Your artist is here to help you picture your art/work on your body, placement as well as effect may be totally different from how it appears on paper or the screen
There may be a preparation period during which your artwork is created. To make sure both sides remain on the same page your artist might confirm concept details closer to session times. All discussions are archived for easy access
TC services are no longer exclusively with Tattoo Temple HK, which now autonomously handles its management, please re-direct all pertinent booking requests directly to them

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ENVIRONMENT | there are multiple venue options. These range from more traditional to private locations. It is your responsibility in selecting both the artist and venue that match your preferences. Regardless, all procedures should be conducted in a sterile controlled environment

TOOLS | re-usable tools should be professionally treated in a hospital grade autoclaves to prevent cross contamination. Disposable equipment may be preferred due to hygiene and weight. Disposable items must be removed from their original, hermetically sealed packages

DISPOSABLE | items including but not limited to needles, plastic grips, ink, caps, water-proof covers, plastic sealants, cable covers, machine covers and disposable pillow cases. Any area that may even potentially come in contact with skin should be protected

DISTILLED | only purified water is used. This includes diluting mixtures, sprays alongside other cleansing solutions. Distilled water removes impurities, required for use on perforated skin to not introduce particulates

INKS | there are a variety of inks, artists have personal preferences. Frequently selections will depend on healed results as well as pigmentation within their chosen aesthetics. Further specialist inks may be used. Typically the largest manufacturers are in the US or UK. Inks from these countries should exceed stringent international hygiene requirements. If you wish to research an ink in more detail, major manufacturers have websites with their products’ safety data freely available

COMMUNICATION | make sure you are comfortable and confident. Communication is direct throughout the lifespan of your confirmed collaboration. Extensive guides on body/art and aftercare are available. Personal, tailored notifications are sent via the platform. Should any questions arise please know that your Concierge remains available
TAILORED | alongside venues, each artist has their collaboration terms and conditions. It is your responsibility to confirm these beforehand. Please do not hesitate to ask whether your artist is able to accommodate a specific request. The platform sequentially guides you through each of these considerations
STING | a range of topical anesthetics may be used. These could be from your artist or ordered directly. Such creams frequently consist of up to 17% lidocaine, lasting one to five hours. Although these creams are typically neither required nor recommended they should never be applied to open skin. Only apply numbing cream to areas before commencing



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