Experiences are defined by you. Discover freedom in self expression wherever and however you choose. Members thrive from their passion with collaborations guaranteed. Creating such a network requires a foundation of mutual respect. We are steadily refining considerations of etiquette yet core philosophies alongside operational tenants remain steadfast. Authentic communication is necessary and extends to all facets from promoted works to private discussions | expand

Members may not enter false personal information, use any other artists’ work as their own, schedule any commissions in locations that violate local law, maintain more than one membership or join the network if under the age of 18. Members need always provide accurate venue information. Members should not misrepresent the quality, results and or ability of any procedure. One commission cannot be substituted for another unless mutually agreed in advance. All dishonest listings will be immediately deleted with the posting member removed. Furthermore members cannot submit fraudulent reviews, attempt deceitful pricing or fail to disclose any significantly pertinent and or influential consideration pertaining to procedures or venues (i)


All collaborations are unique. As too with art itself, each composition or procedure is individual. We facilitate collaborations and protect all pertinent conditions. Yet members must also be forthright. The dual rating system is principally a structure for publicizing verified subjective results of personal collaborations. Honoring commissions allows trust to grow, permits freedom of choice as well as all to thrive from and with their passion. Members are literally as varied as the artwork displayed | expand

Members cannot schedule procedures at any venue that is either unsuitable and or violates any applicable legislation. Once a concierge service commission agreement has been mutually confirmed both members will be subject to all terms and conditions specified therein. These include cancellation penalties and possibly other fees should any portion of the arrangement not be honored. Members should immediately convey any unavoidable changes if they arise. Consistently low ratings and or refusal to participate in any dispute resolution will jeopardize service membership. Members are not required to appreciate or understand every procedure or artwork. Yet members should treat each other with respect should they choose to interact. Members must follow all applicable laws and quite simply treat each other in the way that they themselves wish to be treated. This extends to not discriminating against skin color, heritage, country of origin, religious / spiritual affiliation, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability. Members can only display, post or share personal conent including photos of any given commission after having secured consent. Once reported to for investigation any repeated communications that causes discomfort and or violates community standards will be dealt with swiftly. There are further communication protections when activating your tailored concierge service (i)


We are here for those who demand security in their freedom of choice. We guarantee all of your chosen interactions. Members are required to never threaten or endanger one another. Members share their visions, dreams, art and experience. Personal information is safeguarded. Mutually confirmed collaborations are protected. All are required to respect each others’ time and selections | expand

Members cannot threaten others with bad ratings or coerce in any other manner so as to gain beneficial deals or treatment. All transactions are made via the secure platform to certify there are no attempts of fraud, money laundering or otherwise inappropriate channeling of funds. Furthermore all communications are encrypted, we only gain access upon member initiated request. Members cannot physically or sexually assault each other, remove any possessions or belongings that are not theirs from a venue, engage in any acts of violence or hold anyone against their will. We will immediately escalate, to outside authorities, any reports of self harm and or substance abuse arising from within the network. Members may not convey intent to harm others in any form (i)

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