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Artistic Freedom you are commissioning an artist. Your artist will need complete freedom for this creation which comes from their professional experience, knowledge, sense of design, expression of emotion, drawing skills and vision of the piece itself. Your artist must be allowed to design the composition according to their expertise
Realistic Expectations the professionally crafted design process will most likely differ from how you imagine. There are sizing, positioning, muscle groups, colour tones and various considerations that are frequently not envisioned by most clients. All such considerations will be thoroughly thought through by your artist again according to their experience
Unique Styles artists have their own personal style. Your artist must also accept the parameters of your commission. This selection in collaboration will rest on your preferred aesthetics as well as the length of preparation time you are comfortable with
Your Influence to achieve the most professional results we are only able to work with your ideas and references as the guiding direction. Other than this friends, relatives and or spouses cannot influence the exact details of your artwork. This must be a piece designed with and created for you
Third Parties in order to protect your artwork any third party opinions or requests cannot be considered. This collaboration is between you and your artist
Charges are calculated per-session hour. There may also be a design or artwork creation fee depending on your artists’ policies. Pricing and preparation times are typically set one to 37 months in advance
Deposits if your commission is accepted there will be a payment confirmation through The Tattoo Concierge in order to secure your place in the queue. And deposits held are completely credited, i.e. refunded, to your project yet are non-transferable

We are happy to discuss the vision for your composition as well as answer any questions you may have around the process. Your personal concierge and your artist will again directly guide you through the entire process and always remain available. All discussions and details are securely kept between yourself and your artist for ease of access

Consultants are here to personally walk you through every stage of the creation process. We will answer any questions you might have, arrange all the necessary logistics and ensure all the details around your artwork have been fully reviewed
 No matter how big or small your desired artwork may be the body remains one unified piece. Your consultant and artist are here to help you picture the artwork on your body in the right way. This placement and effect on your body will be totally different from how artwork may appear on paper or a computer screen
Since there will be a preparation period during which your artwork is created, to make sure both sides remain on the same ‘aesthetic page’, your artist may confirm your concept details with you again directly closer to the session times as well as potentially arranging a chat. All your discussion history, references and directions are kept in one location to ensure no information has been overlooked throughout. Both you and your artist are able to instantly bring up these details as needed

We offer a unique utility, revolutionizing the industry for both artists and patrons. Empowering the independent artist by allowing each and every one to thrive from their passion regardless of their areas of expertise and or location. Our full mobile platform will be launched for iOS and Andriod within 2017 yet we are accepting applications from across the globe. If you would like to submit your portfolio for consideration please complete form below. Although we are only able to confirm a select number of sign-ups at this stage all inquiries will be responded to within 48 hours. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions, we’re always available

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