+ Is every piece custom designed?

This is something that you will have to confirm with your selected artist, based on your preferences and requirements. For custom commissions each artwork would be created especially for one client and should never be used again. Many artists who have specific areas of specialty and or a distinctive sets of techniques will most likely not tattoo any other designs or artwork that has already been applied

+ Do artists take every project?

No. Each artist is only able to accept a very limited number of new commissions so please ensure that you approach artists that specialize in your preferred areas as this will help ensure the best outcome

+ What styles can be done?

Essentially, anything that could be imagined. Most artists have to be somewhat eclectically versatile. However there are a range of styles some artists will not do. If they do not specialize in your requested style they should decline the project. This is done in order to protect the quality of your artwork

+ What if I don’t know what kind of body/art I like?

You are of course not expected to have the final picture in mind when commissioning your procedure, this may still need to be created for you. However you will need to have a general idea or preference towards a style, aesthetic, primary element and or general direction. If you have even a broad idea then your artist most likely can walk you through the various possibilities as well as review potential references. Try to think about what really speaks to or inspires you. Also consider where you would like your body/art. The fundamental question throughout is: ‘What do I find beautiful or inspirational?’


+ How long will the communication process take?

Typically commission request forms should take only around three to five minutes. Please also feel free to send your artist photos or artwork you think would be useful throughout the process. For reference materials from a more classic source please also kindly note that we have a 150,000+ image reference library available Please remember that you do not have to visualize your final composition, what your artists needs are your preferences and or ideas. Once they understand your selected aesthetics and defined the general parameters of your composition you can then confirm your artist commission – possibly having your artist create this with you

+ How do I submit reference photos?

If you have already downloaded the photos please feel free upload these directly through the TC network to your artist. For Concierge Artists’ all communications will be retained in your project discussion history for easy review. These records will remain visible for the lifespan of your commission allowing instant recall. If you have any questions or need any design references please just let us know. Tattoo Concierge has a large collection of books, calligraphy dictionaries, paintings, specific artwork galleries (Modernism, Surrealism, Classical, etc.), as well as a plethora of other art references. We are always more than happy to guide you to these throughout the process should any direction be required. One technique when searching for references is to remove the keyword “tattoo” from your search. Meaning instead of “dragon tattoo” type in “dragon” | “dragon art” | “dragon painting” | “dragon design” | etc. The results from the broader search will then allow your artist to more accurately capture the concepts and preferences you have in mind as well as not being limited to ‘whats been done before’

+ Will my artist do a cover-up?

For most tattoo artists, typically the answer is no. Yet there are some that specialize specifically in designing / completing cover-up designs. For those not specializing in cover-up pieces provided your requested design is large enough (i.e. full back, full sleeve, full leg, etc), they may occasionally work in an existing tattoo. Yet this would be considered special circumstances. The consideration with cover-up tattoos is that to properly hide an existing tattoo it must be ‘blacked out’. Meaning only solid black ink is able to completely hide existing ink. As such, if for example you have a three inch long tattoo you wished to hide then your new composition must incorporate a three inch solid black area that wouldn’t negatively effect your new composition. As such cover-ups necessarily become much larger and may easily fall outside your preferred or envisioned dimensions

+ What happens after the communicating my request?

Once having decided on the parameters and direction of your composition your artist would then submit a commission request, allowing you to secure your body/art procedure by placing an initial deposit. Your artist will then need time to prepare. The length of time will depend on the complexity of your procedure as well as your artist’s existing wait-list. After you have commissioned your body/art the next time your artists would be in touch may be when they are double confirming your artwork’s direction, scheduled size / placement review as well as your commission dates. Although each artist may have different time-frames and preferences for this which they can communicate with you throughout. Artists are typically not in touch during the creation period unless any new references arise and or your artist had points to confirm. However both TC as well as your artist are always available to discuss your composition, review any thoughts / references as well as answer any questions

+ What should I expect to see at the size check?

A draft, template or layout of your piece. Typically this will not be the ‘finished’ composition as prior to proceeding many artists need to confirm sizing details with you. There may be hand drawn sketches or general layouts of the composition ready for review. In the case of brush painting, calligraphy or other such styles of designs the originals could be ready for your review. These further may potentially be made available for purchase following the completion of your commission. Each artist will again make their working order clear beforehand

+ I want a specific style but don’t want to wait for the artist who is the specialist in that style.

We recommend that you wait for the artist who is the specialist in your chosen style. The most important principle of the entire process is that your artwork is completed as preferred. This means artists’ need to control commissions they accept. Quality is a primary concern. As the saying goes; ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’. Remember that the results of the body/art process are most likely permanent. It is far better to take additional time to begin with rather than living with regret

+ What is the best payment method?

All payments are securely managed through the Tattoo Concierge platform. You are welcome to link any preferred payment method and or bank account. All payments are completely secure and only released upon completion of your project. Furthermore we offer global currency conversion, if required

+ What are the average waiting times?

The waiting times depend quite heavily depending on the style, size and complexity of your commission. For example a freehand piece could be booked comparatively quickly as the artwork will be created during the session itself. For painted and or drawn compositions each artist is typically booked out for a certain period in advance. The waiting time does not mean that your artwork will take this long to prepare, simply that the artist has appointments scheduled everyday for this period in advance. Quite often waiting a few days up to three months is average. Some artists are booked out for years in advance though

+ Why do I need to wait for the design?

Artists may dedicate days or weeks to preparing for your commission. The creation process can take longer than applying your body/art itself. This is a custom service artists are proud to offer. Your artist also has a waiting list of clients that have already commissioned their body/art and are awaiting for their scheduled dates. In order to be fair to all clients they must work sequentially according to the time that your body/art was commissioned. Additionally many clients fly from overseas specifically for their body/art so artists have to ensure all schedules are honored, i.e. they cannot cut or move the times reserved unless requested to do so by the client. The time you have booked or reserved through the TC network will be honored unless you request to change this

+ What if I want my tattoo right away?

Artists will frequently do everything possible to accommodate your scheduling requests. As a general rule – the clearer the artwork direction the faster your artist will be able to prepare. At any given time the artists themselves can be booked out for up to four years in advance. This means clients have made their appointments and have potentially waited years already. If artists were to allow anyone to ‘jump the queue’ it would not be fair to those that have booked in advance. Artists will arrange the soonest possible application times but they cannot cancel another client’s commission to clear space on short notice

+ Do I need to pay a deposit?

When you would like to commission your body/art then Tattoo Concierge will hold an initial deposit. TC holds the artists’ declared commission minimum after you have accepted the commission details. Your deposit will then be completely credited to your commission, meaning your deposit is refunded. Charges are calculated according to your artists’ per hour rate specified

+ Why do you hold a deposit?

Artists will spend significant amounts of time researching, designing, preparing and fine-tuning your body/art. It can take an artist longer to prepare the for your commission than to complete its’ application. Your deposit is a way for your artist to proceed with all work required as well as blocking out the commission day(s) in good faith

+ Is there a charge for the artwork?

This is entirely down to your artist. Your artist’s individual per-hour rate is the only cost calculation used throughout for the entire process

+ Can I buy the design from the artists?

This is up to the artists. They will display their works available for sale as well as the price on the network. Most work is typically custom designed and single use. Meaning each clients’ design is created only for them and never repeated. When commissioning art for your project your design is specifically tailored according to its placement, using your artists’ particular style(s) and techniques. As such please remember that in many cases even if you were to buy the design to have another artist apply it, the designing artist cannot guarantee the quality of the piece if applied outside. As a general rule we recommend that each artist must apply their own art. The question we always pose is: ‘If an artist could not draw the piece to begin with – how could they be expected to tattoo it?’ Artists frequently have specific areas of expertise. It would be dangerous to presume any artist could re-create any other artists’ work

+ Can the artists email me the design?

No. Artists do not email out designs. Artists are available to discuss your piece as well as potentially offer some sketches our outlines through the platform. In cases where paintings have been prepared these may be made available for purchase should you wish after the completion of your commission

+ Why can’t you send out the design?

Firstly, because you do not own it. Secondly, artists do not charge you for the full time it takes to create your piece so you have not ‘bought it’. Designs usually take days or weeks to prepare and this work is often put in with the understanding that your piece will be completed with your artist directly. If all artists were to e-mail out designs these could easily be taken and shared. Artists do not send out your artwork in order to protect your composition

+ Can you provide English translations for other tattoos already completed?

No. These pieces belong to the clients.