We perceive body/art to be an ultimate performance of self expression. Influence to adherence, prejudice or judgment may then not be considered self expression. Ones’ choices in body/art must therefore be unencumbered whilst securely facilitated. In short we are here for you to define your ideal collaboration, without limitation, having all logistics expertly organized. We secure your world of choice and together radically redefine the industry. Those utilizing the platform are as diverse and eclectic as the artwork itself. Whilst we appreciate that such potential for massive cross cultural communication may occasionally precipitate a differing of opinions we are committed to forging a global network whereby only those who have amicably and independently reached agreement need connect | expand

Full-Back-Chinese-Detailed-Dragon-Large-Body-Art-The Tattoo Concierge - The Global Platform For Those Defining Body Art Culture  | The Tattoo Concierge | | The Artists Choice

We enable freedom of choice, location and standards. All this is done under the guiding principle of observing mutually confirmed terms. Despite continually enhancing and refining policies, throughout this journey absolute freedom in choice and respect of confirmed commissions will always be enforced. We actively seek to undertake every reasonable step towards eliminating any bias or prejudice. To that extent members must agree to conduct themselves in accordance with our ethical standards to respect ongoing participation in this global community. TC only shares information between members that may be influential to their secured commission. We consider the details of member to be what they have affirmed on their profile
Our platform extends into ensuring exact reporting, dual completion and review confirmation protocols, payment guarantees as well as resolution. Procedures must adhere to applicable laws. No refusal of service can be made due to ethnicity, skin color, country of origin, religious / spiritual beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity and or marital status. Members may not (i) book any commission which contradicts local law (ii) impose varied terms based on the marital status, ethnicity, disability or country (iii) promote any work not connected to or reflective of a commission (iv) promote any work with the sole purpose to incite hate and or violence (v) decline to proceed based on gender or any actual or perceived disability



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